Gordon and Burnaby (Poem by James McIntyre)

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Gordon and Burnaby

By James McIntyre

When the Chinese did rebel,
Gordon alone he could them quell,
With justice they his name revere,
The man who bullets did not fear.

It seemed as if his life had charm
That spear or lance could never harm,
He went alone this wondrous man
To fight false prophet of Soudan.

Assistance it arrives too late,
And traitors they have oped the gate,
To meet the foe he doth advance,
But fatal wound receives from lance.

And Britons all they do take pride
In Burnaby's Asiatic ride,
Russian mysteries to discover,
He crossed many a plain and river.

And his brave spirit led the van
To relieve Gordon in Soudan,
With his strong arm every blow
Laid at his feet some Arab foe.

But strong brave man who knew no fear,
He was transfixed by Arab spear,
And thus brave men their lives have lost,
Of war let nations never boast.

Unless it is in self defence,
Then they have glorious recompense,
But arts of peace they should be prized
By nations truly Christianized.

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