You Shall Live On (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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You Shall Live On

By Gilbert Parker

You shall live on triumphant, you shall take
Your place among the peerless, fearless ones;
And those who loved you here shall tell their sons
To honour every woman for your sake.

And those your Peers shall say, “Others are pure,
Others are noble, others too have vowed,
And for a vow have suffered; but she bowed
Her own soul and another’s to endure.

She smote the being more to her than all, — 
Her own soul and the world, — a truth to hold,
Faith with the dead; and hung a heavy pall

‘Tween her and love and life. The world is old,
It hath sent here none queenlier.  Of the few,
The royal few is she, martyred and true.”

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