United by Steel Rails (Poem by James McIntyre)

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United by Steel Rails

By James McIntyre

When Indian tribes in the Northwest
Rebelled against the Eastern laws,
Canadian courage it did test,
All were united in the cause.

But how shall volunteers proceed
Such distance, several thousand miles,
Will they in their dark hour of need
Ask Uncle Sam with pleasant smiles

For to allow our volunteers
To pass o'er their north railroad,
Perhaps subject to doubts and fears,
Where British soldiers never trod.

But there went up a glad hurrah
When it was found that in our land,
Almost finished was railway,
And trains do wait for word command,

To bear away our volunteers
To those far North distant lands,
But dispelled were all their fears
When they rode over those steel bands,

Which bound young nation all in one,
Before detached and all apart,
Shoulder to shoulder now each one
Feels patriot feelings in his heart,

First time we truly realize
The value of this great railway,
Its benefits each now doth prize,
Highway to Japan and Australia.

The policy it has proved wise,
Which did build this great railway,
The vast Northwest to colonize,
And bear its products far away.

Canadian flags are now unfurled
In the ports of the Chinese,
Short route to Oriental world
Gives Canada her cheap fine teas.

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