The Wraith (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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The Wraith

By Gilbert Parker

A ship in port; well-crossed the harbour-bar;
The hawser swung, the grinding helm at rest;
Hands clasping hands, and eyes with eager zest
Seeking the loved, returning from afar.

And he, the master, holding little reck
Of all, save but the idol of his soul,
Seeks not his loving ardour to control.
Mark how he proudly treads the whitened deck!

“My bride, my bride, my lone soul’s best beloved,
Come forth, come forth!  Where art thou, Isobel? — 
Pallid, and wan!  Lord, hath it thus befell

This is but dust; where has the spirit roved?
O death-cold bride! for this, then, have I strove?
O phantom ship, O loveless wraith of Love!”

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