The Passing (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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The Passing

By Gilbert Parker

A time will come when we again shall rail — 
Not yet, not yet.  The flood comes on apace,
That deep dividing river, and her face
Grows dimmer as it widens — pale, so pale.

Have we not railed and laughed these many days,
Mummers before the lights?  Dear fool, your hand
Upon your lips — Oh let us once be grand,
Grand as we were when treading royal ways.

Lo, there she moves beyond the river. Gone — 
Gone is the sun-lo, starlight in her eyes.
See, how she standeth silent and alone — 

Oh, hush! let us not vex her with our cries.
Proud as of old, unto my throne I go....
Cordelia’s gone...... Hush, draw the curtain — so.

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