The Old Snake Fence (Poem by James McIntyre)

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The Old Snake Fence

By James McIntyre

In early times the pioneer
When a few acres he did clear,
He found 'an ample recompense
For splitting rails and making fence.

Though it was crooked as a snake,
And zigzag style did not awake,
He thought it was a thing of beauty,
Yet in its day it did its duty.

And though the old snake fence must fall,
'Twas easy made, axe, wedge and maul,
Were all the tools the pioneer
Required the old rail fence to rear.

And the old pioneer could boast
Of fence that did not need a post,
To build it now is waste of timber,
And fertile lands it doth cumber.

And pine stump fence with its sharp roots
Will long endure and ward off brutes,
For the crops they ample shield
And do protect each separate field.

But old style fence doth waste much land,
Where weeds do grow and bush expand,
And thistle down doth blow from thence,
So folks build wire and the board fence.

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