Song was Gone from Me (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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Song was Gone from Me

By Gilbert Parker

Dearest, once more! This I could tell and tell
Till life turned drowsy with the ceaseless note;
Dearest, once more! The words throb in my throat,
My heart beats to them like a muffled bell.

Change — Time and Change! O Change and Time, you come
Not knocking at my door, knowing me gone;
Here have I dwelt within my heart alone,
Watching and waiting, while my muse was dumb

Song was gone from me — sweet, I could not sing,
Save as men sing upon the lonely hills;
Under my hand the old chord ceased to ring,

Hushed by the grinding of the high gods’ mills.
Dearest, once more. Those mad mills had their way — 
Now is mine hour.   To every man his day.

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