Shine On (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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Shine On

By Gilbert Parker

Shine on, O sun! Sing on, O birds of song!
And in her light my heart fashions a tune
Not wholly sad, most like a tender rune
Sung by some knight in days gone overlong,

When he with minstrel eyes in Syrian grove
Looked out towards his England, and then drew
From a sweet instrument a sound that grew
From twilight unto morning of his love.

Go, then, beloved, bearing as you go
These songs that have more sunlight far than cloud;
More summer flowers than dead leaves ‘neath the snow;

That tell of hopes from which you raised the shroud.
My lady, bright benignant star, shine on — 
I lift to thee my low Trisagion!

He that hath pleasant dreams is more fortunate than one who hath a cup-bearer. — Egyptian Proverb.

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