Lorne and Louise (Poem by James McIntyre)

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Lorne and Louise

By James McIntyre

Lines written on the arrival of Governor Lorne and the Princess Louise in Canada.

The tidings now all hearts do please,
That she has landed safe, Louise,
Victoria's beloved daughter,
Who boldly has crossed the water,
For royal Princess doth adorn
The title of the Lord of Lorne,
For this union it doth join
Campbell with Royal Stewart line;
Lorne will be Duke of broad Argyle,
And the Lord of many an Isle.
When he inherits broad domain
May he strive tenants hearts to gain.
To us it seems a brighter morn
Hath dawned on us with Governor Lorne,
And when they visited this place
True happiness beamed on each face,
The first white child who here was born
Presented was to Governor Lorne,
From Forest 'ere it was reclaimed,
Our fine town after him was named.

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