Into Thy Land (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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Into Thy Land

By Gilbert Parker

Into thy land of sunlight I have come,
And live within thy presence, as a ray
Of light lives in the brightness of the day;
And find in thee my heaven and my home.

Yet what am I that thou shouldst ope the gate
Of thy most sweet completeness; and should spend
Rich values of thy life on me thy friend,
For which I have no worthy duplicate!

Nay, lady, I no riches have to give;
I have no name of honour, or the pride
Of place, to priv’lege me to sit beside

Thee in thy kingdom, where thy graces live.
Wilt thou not one day whisper, “You have climbed
Beyond your merits; pray you, fall behind”?

Wish thy friend joy of his journey, but pray in secret that he have no joy, for then may he return quickly to thee.  — Egyptian Proverb.

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