Canadian Voyageurs on the Nile (Poem by James McIntyre)

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Canadian Voyageurs on the Nile

By James McIntyre

The British soldiers on the Nile
With gratitude did kindly smile,
On the Canadian voyageurs
Who skilfully did ply their oars.

And they invoked their benison
On boatsmen led by Denison,
Neither the rapids nor the falls
Along the Nile these braves appals.

For in such toils they did partake,
On each native stream and lake,
Thoughts of their homes in visions throng,
While singing Canadian boat song.

And they all hoped again to see
The glorious land of maple tree,
From their memories they never
Forgot the land of lake and river.

While up the Nile they do advance
They dream about their own St. Lawrence,
And Manitoba's streams and lakes,
Pleasant reflections oft awakes.

And thus each day they cheerful toil,
Ascending of old Father Nile,
Whose waters fertilize the soil,
And is the home of crocodile.

Wolseley he had exhibition
In Red River expedition,
How these voyageurs could steer,
Or with the axe a roadway clear.

Those who speak the tongue of France,
From the banks of the St. Lawrence,
At call to arms quick advance,
With rifle, bayonet and lance.

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