Canadian Sports and Games and Plays (Poem by James McIntyre)

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Canadian Sports and Games and Plays

By James McIntyre

Burns sang of joys of Hallowe'en
But in Canada is often seen
By far more jolly times than these
At logging raising, paring bees,
For here the youth is not afraid
To trip it with a pretty maid,
For this at night is his reward
For working at the bee so hard,
And oft times till the break of day
At forfeits they will merry play,
For he doth win e'en though he miss,
If from sweet lass he gets a kiss,
But in its place doth justly prize
His tea and cakes and pumpkin pies.

When winter comes it brings no gloom
But makes fresh pleasures spring and bloom,
For when the youth longs for a bride
He gives his girl a grand sleigh ride,
Which to them both doth pleasures bring
While merry sleigh bells cheery ring,
And with the fair maid of his choice
He graceful skates with her on ice,
Charming mode of locomotion
Gliding o'er a polished ocean,
Such joys they soon do love evolve,
And they on union do resolve,
He is happy with his chosen,
For warm love gets never frozen.

And young folks oft they do take pride,
How swift they down the hill can glide,
And they bravely dare the frost king
So they may enjoy the coasting,
Each striving for to lead the van
In the swift shooting toboggan.

And on the ice men love to hurl
The polished blocks to skilful curl,
And curlers all do proudly claim
Their's is a manly healthy game,
And in Canadians you trace
A generous, hardy and brave race.

And brilliant as a fairy hall
Is scenes on ice at carnival,
Before the gale in an ice boat
It swiftly o'er the ice doth float,
The sensation is you fly
Like lightning shooting through the sky.

In summer time the youth do toss
The baseball and do play lacrosse,
And tradition doth for it claim
That 'tis an ancient Indian game,
And if a foe invade we can,
Drive them back with clubs Canadian.

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