Big Bear the Indian Chief (Poem by James McIntyre)

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Big Bear the Indian Chief

By James McIntyre

The following impromptu was given at a banquet to one of the captives of Fort Pit after he had related his experience.

Sad memories it doth awake,
The death of those fell at Frog Lake,
And trials of captives of Fort Pit
When savages did capture it.

But soon Generals Strange and Steel
Made savage hordes their power to feel,
And they rescued women fair
From the paws of the Big Bear.

Captives for days had naught to eat
But steaks of tough and lean dog meat,
In daily danger of their lives
From bullets and from scalping knives.

When building big lodge for war dance,
The cry is heard, the troops advance,
To the white captives sounds so sweet,
But savages they quick retreat.

A thrilling tale our guest did tell,
That close to him fell bursting shell,
This shot it was not fired in vain,
For several savages were slain.

Our bold troops great danger braved,
So that white captives might be saved,
Who suffered hunger, cold and damp,
'Mong savage hordes in bush and swamp.

Big Bear now they have pared his claws,
He must atone for broken laws,
Far away from his native lair,
In prison strong they put Big Bear.

Our guest = Mr. Stanley Simpson.

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