Absolvo Te (Poem by Gilbert Parker)

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Absolvo Te

By Gilbert Parker

I read your truth. You read — What did you read?
Did you read all, and, reading all, forgive?
How I — O little dwarf of conscience sieve
My soul; bare all before her bare indeed!

And, looking on the remnant and the waste,
Can you absolve me, — me, the doubter, one
Who challenged what God spent His genius on,
His genius and His pride; so fair, so chaste?

I am ashamed.... And when I told my dreams,
Shaken and humble, — “Dear, there was no cause,”
 Your words; proud, sorrowful, as it beseems

Such as thou art. There never was a cause
Why you should honour me. Ashamed am I.
And you forgive me, bless me, for reply.

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