The Ghost's Story (Poem by Duncan Campbell Scott)

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The Ghost's Story
By Duncan Campbell Scott

All my life long I heard the step
    Of some one I would know,
Break softly in upon my days
    And lightly come and go.

A foot so brisk I said must bear
    A heart that's clean and clear;
If that companion blithe would come,
    I should be happy here.

But though I waited long and well,
    He never came at all,
I grew aweary of the void,
    Even of the light foot-fall.

From loneliness to loneliness
    I felt my spirit grope — 
At last I knew the uttermost,
    The loneliness of hope.

And just upon the border land,
    Where flesh and spirit part,
I knew the secret foot-fall was
    The beating of my heart.

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