Our Cow (Poem by C. J. Dennis)

C. J. Dennis Poem

Our Cow
By C. J. Dennis

Down by the sliprails stands our cow
    Chewing, chewing, chewing,
She does not care what folks out there
    In the great, big world are doing.
She sees the small cloud-shadows pass
    And green grass shining under.
If she does think, what does she think
    About it all, I wonder?

She sees the swallows skimming by
    Above the sweet young clover,
The light reeds swaying in the wind
    And tall trees bending over.
Far down the track she hears the crack
    of bullock-whips, and raving
Of angry men where, in the sun,
    Her fellow-beasts are slaving.

Girls, we are told, can scratch and scold,
    And boys will fight and wrangle,
And big, grown men, just now and then,
    Fret o'er some fingle-fangle,
Vexing the earth with grief or mirth,
    Longing, rejoicing, rueing — 
But by the sliprails stands our cow,

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