Through A Long Cloister (Poem by Frank Oliver Call)

Daily Classic Poem

Through A Long Cloister
By Frank Oliver Call

Through a long cloister where the gloom of night
    Lingers in sombre silence all the day,
    Across worn pavements crumbling to decay
We wandered, blindly groping for the light.
A door swung wide, and splendour infinite
    Streamed through the painted glass, and drove away
    The lingering gloom from choir, nave and bay,
And a great minster's glory met our sight.

Blindly along life's cloister do we grope,
    We seek a gate that leads to life immortal,
        We see it loom before us dim and vast,
And doubt's dark shadow's veil the light of hope:
    When lo, Death's hand flings wide the sombre portal,
        And light unfading meets our gaze at last.

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