The Lotus-Worshippers (Poem by Frank Oliver Call)

Daily Classic Poem

The Lotus-Worshippers
By Frank Oliver Call

With silent feet in trailing robes of white
    They crept from shadowy temples, far beyond
    Tall bamboo groves, to seek the lotus-pond
That gleamed like some dark jewel through the night
Upon great Buddha's breast. The crimson height
    Echoed their chanting as the morning dawned,
    And each bud, breaking from its silver bond,
Lifted its cup to catch the golden light.

And here beside this mist-bound northern lake,
    Encircled by tall spires of Gothic firs,
    The ancient beauty-worship wakes and stirs
Within me, as I watch the morning break
    Upon white lily-buds, whose lips agleam
    Whisper the secret of the world-old dream.

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