On Mount Royal (Poem by Frank Oliver Call)

Daily Classic Poem

On Mount Royal
By Frank Oliver Call

I climb its sides when the day grows old
    And its mighty shadow falls deep and wide,
And over the gleam of the sunset's gold
    The darkness creeps like a rising tide;
And higher and higher up rocky height,
    Past oaks that are gnarled by the winter's blast,
I climb till a marvellous vision of light
    Breaks forth on my wondering sight at last.

Dome and spire of house of prayer,
    Convent cloister gloomy and gray,
Street and market and bridge lie there
    In the golden gleam of the dying day.
Yet here on the silent mountain crest
    There echoes a moan and a smothered roar
From the tide of life in its strange unrest,
    As it beats below on a barren shore.

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