The White Seal (Poem by Rudyard Kipling)

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The White Seal (1)
By Rudyard Kipling

Oh! hush thee, my baby, the night is behind us,
    And black are the waters that sparkled so green.
The moon, o'er the combers, looks downward to find us
    At rest in the hollows that rustle between.
Where billow meets billow, there soft be thy pillow;
    Ah, weary wee flipperling, curl at thy ease!
The storm shall not wake thee, nor shark overtake thee,
    Asleep in the arms of the slow-swinging seas.

The White Seal (2)

You mustn't swim till you're six weeks old,
    Or your head will be sunk by your heels;
And summer gales and Killer Whales
    Are bad for baby seals.
Are bad for baby seals, dear rat,
    As bad as bad can be;
But splash and grow strong,
And you can't be wrong,
    Child of the Open Sea!

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