Naebody (Poem by Robert Burns)

Classic Poem

Naebody (1)
By Robert Burns

I hae a wife o’ my ain —
    I’ll partake wi’ naebody;
I’ll tak cuckold frae nane,
    I’ll gie cuckold to naebody.

I hae a penny to spend,
    There — thanks to naebody;
I hae naething to lend,
    I’ll borrow frae naebody.

Naebody (2)

I am naebody’s lord —
    I’ll be slave to naebody;
I hae a guid braid sword,
    I’ll tak dunts frae naebody.

I’ll be merry and free,
    I’ll be sad for naebody;
Naebody cares for me,
    I’ll care for naebody.

Burns had built his house at Ellisland, sowed his first crop, the woman he loved was at his side, and hope was high; no wonder that he indulged in this independent strain.

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