The Day Returns (Poem by Robert Burns)

Old Poem

The Day Returns
By Robert Burns


The day returns, my bosom burns,
    The blissful day we twa did meet,
Tho’ winter wild in tempest toil’d,
    Ne’er summer-sun was half sae sweet.
Than a’ the pride that loads the tide,
    And crosses o’er the sultry line;
Than kingly robes, than crowns and globes,
    Heaven gave me more — it made thee mine!


While day and night can bring delight,
    Or nature aught of pleasure give,
While joys above my mind can move,
    For thee, and thee alone I live.
When that grim foe of life below,
    Comes in between to make us part,
The iron hand that breaks our band,
    It breaks my bliss — it breaks my heart.

The seventh of November was the anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Riddel, of Friars-Carse, and these verses were composed in compliment to the day.

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