Riparto d'Assalto (Poem by Ernest Hemingway)

Old Poem

Riparto d'Assalto
By Ernest Hemingway

Drummed their boots on the camion floor,
Hob-nailed boots on the camion floor.
Sergeants stiff,
Corporals sore.
Lieutenant thought of a Mestre wh*re —
Warm and soft and sleepy wh*re,
Cozy, warm and lovely wh*re;
Damned cold, bitter, rotten ride,
Winding road up the Grappa side.
Arditi on benches stiff and cold,
Pride of their country stiff and cold,
Bristly faces, dirty hides —
Infantry marches, Arditi rides.
Grey, cold, bitter, sullen ride —
To splintered pines on the Grappa side
At Asalone, where the truck-load died.

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