To Captain Riddel (Poem by Robert Burns)

Old Poem

To Captain Riddel
Of Glenriddel
Extempore Lines on Returning a Newspaper
By Robert Burns

Your news and review, Sir, I’ve read through and through, Sir,
    With little admiring or blaming;
The papers are barren of home-news or foreign,
    No murders or rapes worth the naming.

Our friends, the reviewers, those chippers and hewers,
    Are judges of mortar and stone, Sir,
But of meet or unmeet in a fabric complete,
    I’ll boldly pronounce they are none, Sir.

My goose-quill too rude is to tell all your goodness
    Bestow’d on your servant, the Poet;
Would to God I had one like a beam of the sun,
    And then all the world, Sir, should know it!

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